Downloading WordPress minus the content directory.

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The default version of WordPress comes with an entire content directory full stuff you probably don’t want or need like the default themes and the hellodolly.php plugin unless your setting you your site for the very first time, even then probably not.

There is however a well hidden version of WordPress that comes minus a content directory, it’s purpose is to optimise WordPress’ auto update function, if you click the update WordPress button in the dashboard and watch carefully you’ll see a url similar to this flash up on your screen:


simply substitute '3.8.1' with the version you require.

This is really handy if you’re managing your site with SVN or GIT or Composer and want to reduce the amount of clutter and extra files you download.

WordPress AutoUpdate fix for Version Controlled Sites


So.. since version 3.7 WordPress has had a neat auto-update function, unfortunately, WordPress is also quite cautious so it checks to see if the website is using any kind of Version Control and if so disables the auto update function.  BUT what if your using version control but not to actually manage what version of WordPress is installed.

Luckily this line of code will override the “under version control” test of the auto update and re-enable automatic updates.

add_filter( 'automatic_updates_is_vcs_checkout', '__return_false');

re-enabling the auto-update functionality.