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French Interactive Games CDROM

LCP French Interactive 1 & 2

Two Thirds were commissioned to produce two CDROMs of interactive games for Language Center Publications to allow children to reinforce there knowledge of French in there own time or as part of a class led activity. The Discs consist of 6 dynamic games driven by XML data, using a bank of audio and illustrations resulting in over 92 different games per disc that are different every time there played.

Brief : To Produce and author 16 activities that would be used as 36 static activites per CDROM

Role : Technical Director, Lead Programmer

Technologies : Flash, Director, XML, MP3, illustrations

Platforms : Mac / Pc

LCP Primary French Interactive Activities CDs contain a bank of creative activities- engaging puzzles, competitions and games – all using authentic French voices. Games can be played over and over – content comes up randomly within each topic to give variety and lots of opportunity to practise the material in the LCP Primary French Resource Files

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