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Journey to a Brighter Future DVD-ROM



The Journey to a Brighter Future DVD-ROM is an interactive resource designed for 5-8 year olds commissioned by the The Children, Young People and Families (CYP&F) directorate at Birmingham City Council.

The aim of the resource was to help improve the wellbeing and personal development of all Birmingham’s children. Together with Junction Media, Two Thirds Design designed and build an interactive resource to deliver age appropriate content and then through the use of interactive games gauge the understanding of the audience and deliver that feedback back to Birmingham City Council.

My Role

A key member of Two Thirds Design I designed, build and authored the underlying dual platform MAC/PC DVD-ROM using a combinations of Flash and Director technologies and graphical assets created by designers @twothirdsdesign.

I designed and build the interactive game element and the bespoke functionality that enabled the collation of scoring and feedback, allowing client access to anonymous information for statistical analysis.

Finally I build a WordPress plugin from scratch to receive the feedback and statics from the Disc’s and represent that data in a usable fashion through the WordPress dashboard.